A screensaver for these anxious times


This is a real parody and a real screensaver.

It is a real screen saver. It is obviously a parody of our lives right now.



5/3/2020: We launched V.1.1 Tru Biz

In collaboration with our friend Christine Sun Kim we launched the newest version of the zooooom.us screensaver. This time with some new features, a bunch of participants and a new audience.

From Christine:

Video chat has always been part of Deaf people’s lives, way before covid started, and as you can imagine, “zoom fatigue” doesn’t exist for us. After seeing Harper and Tolar’s black mirror-ish zoom, I immediately asked them about doing a Deaf version. Basically, we have our own listening faces with no earpods or headphones, and sometimes we slightly mimic the speaker’s moving face to show that we’re listening. So I asked 20 of my Deaf friends to participate and now other Deaf people can download the project and have Deaf faces stare back at them. After you’ve downloaded the screensaver, you can either select “everyone” or “Deaf only”.

As always, you can download the newest version here

Learn more about Christine Sun Kim and her work here, here, and here

New features!!

  • Ability to choose which group is doing the chatting in screen saver options: Everyone or Deaf people.
  • We set it up so it won’t use so much bandwidth! Videos! Who knew!
  • Less or more connection problems?????
  • Almost 100% more movie stars
  • No flying toasters

4/5/2020: Initial Launch

We launched!

After many years of thought and collaboration we have finally launched our amazing screensaver.

What people are saying

  • “This screen saver is like a beautiful Black Mirror episode.”
  • “OMG this is so good”
  • “I almost slammed my laptop a few times”
  • “Something new and kind of ridiculous”
  • “I can testify that it feels uncomfortably real, and I’ve caught myself wondering if I forgot a meeting several times.”
  • “Omg this is amazing – I mean I hate that I have to be on zoom all day but this just truly leans into the absurdity of our remote work life”
  • “My kids see me every once in a while on it and are so confused.”


Long ago in a land far far away the people of earth were able to leave their houses. They had meetings that were in person and did not have to do every social interaction over a video conference.

Today, that world is dead. We now live in a video conference sort of world. To make sure that we fully engage our new world, we made this screensaver. It will make sure that even when you are not using your computer, it will be participating in our new world with full compliance.

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Contribute a video

The easiest thing you can do is submit yourself acting like you are on the world’s best video conference.

Improve the project

Take a gander at the project and help us make it better on github.

Help make the screensaver better over on github.


A lot of people submitted videos. Thank you so much for that. It really makes this all the more funny.

Alexis KasharAli RaylAlim ChandaniAlistair CrollAllie RiceAndrew FisherAziz GilaniBaratunde ThurstonBen OliverBrad BarrishBrad GreenleeBrian HolcombCarol McKeonChella ManChris DibonaChris SaccaChristine Sun KimChristopher TesterDan SinkerDarren FudenskeDavid KursDoc PopDominik SchwindDouglas RidloffIan DeesIrene PolnyiJanie GrenierJayne KimJDJesse BoyesJohn BorthwickJon JablonskiJoyce HomKen FisherKenyatta CheeseLauren RidloffLizzie SorkinMarc HedlundMarlee MatlinMartin SchneiderMillicent SimmondsMiss EavesNicko MargoliesNikki SyliantengNyle DiMarcoRavi VasavanRod BegbieSarah TullierSophie BettsSumana HarihareswaraTara DyckTate TullierTaylor BanksTom CoatesTricia WangupsoVaughn Tan

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Made with love in Chicago & NYC by @harper and @tolar