We launched V.1.1 Tru Biz

In collaboration with our friend Christine Sun Kim we launched the newest version of the zooooom.us screensaver. This time with some new features, a bunch of participants and a new audience.

From Christine:

Video chat has always been part of Deaf people’s lives, way before covid started, and as you can imagine, “zoom fatigue” doesn’t exist for us. After seeing Harper and Tolar’s black mirror-ish zoom, I immediately asked them about doing a Deaf version. Basically, we have our own listening faces with no earpods or headphones, and sometimes we slightly mimic the speaker’s moving face to show that we’re listening. So I asked 20 of my Deaf friends to participate and now other Deaf people can download the project and have Deaf faces stare back at them. After you’ve downloaded the screensaver, you can either select “everyone” or “Deaf only”.

As always, you can download the newest version here

Learn more about Christine Sun Kim and her work here, here, and here

New features!!

  • Ability to choose which group is doing the chatting in screen saver options: Everyone or Deaf people.
  • We set it up so it won’t use so much bandwidth! Videos! Who knew!
  • Less or more connection problems?????
  • Almost 100% more movie stars
  • No flying toasters